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  • Detroit Tigers – Dominican / Minor League Spring Training Intern

    POSITION: Certified Athletic Trainer LEVEL OF POSITION: Dominican Summer League/Minor League Spring Training  ORGANIZATION: Detroit Tigers JOB STATUS: Intern  CONTACT PERSON(S): Steve Melendez METHOD OF CONTACT: JOB DESCRIPTION: The Detroit Tigers are looking for...

  • Los Angeles Dodgers – Minor League Athletic Trainers

    POSITION: Minor League Athletic Trainer (3) LEVEL OF POSITION: AAA, AZL, Dominican Republic ORGANIZATION: Los Angeles Dodgers JOB STATUS: Full time CONTACT PERSON(S): Mauricio Elizondo – Minor League Medical Coordinator METHOD OF CONTACT: Email...

  • Cincinnati Reds – Rookie Ball – Dominican Summer Leage

    Position: Certified Athletic Trainer Level of Position: Rookie Ball -Dominican Summer League Organization: Cincinnati Reds Job Status: Full-time with benefits Contact Person: Patrick Serbus Method of Contact: Job Description: This...

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