The Mission

The mission of the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) is to serve as an educational resource for the Major League and Minor League Baseball athletic trainers. PBATS serves its members by providing for the continued education of the athletic trainer as it relates to the profession, helping to improve their understanding of sports medicine so as to better promote the health of the constituency — professional baseball players.

PBATS Members


PBATS Programs

In 2018, PBATS and its full membership are looked upon as an integral part of the fabric of the game of baseball, and just as importantly as trusted advisors to the athletes in our care. Over the years, PBATS has worked hard to share its expertise beyond the clubhouse and ballpark. We are proud to have internships that reach other countries and programs that address some of the most difficult health and community issues right here at home. PBATS programs work to educate the American people on issues including childhood obesity, disability inclusion and the health and well-bring of America’s youth.