Student Internship Opportunities

Students: Want to experience what it’s like to work in professional baseball?

The Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers’ Society (PBATS) is offering its summer internship program again in 2024. This program offers a great opportunity for qualified athletic training students to get a foot in the door of professional baseball.

Students who apply for the program should be prepared for a busy summer as these internships are not simply about observation. Interns are allowed hands-on experience under the supervision and discretion of the team’s professional staff.

Who should apply?

Students who are currently enrolled in an accredited athletic training education program.

I am enrolled in an accredited athletic training program and will graduate this spring. Should I apply?

Absolutely, you should apply! The timing and duration of the internships are determined by the needs of both the student and the organization.

If I am already certified, can I apply?

The Human Resources departments for most organizations require interns to be students. Some organizations do hire associate athletic trainers who are already certified but looking for baseball experience. You should check the job board at for those listings.

How to apply?

Click here to apply to the PBATS Internship Program. The 2024 application process is currently closed. This gives each of the 30 MLB organizations time to review their applicant pool and initiate their hiring procedures before spring training begins. We ask that each applicant is notified of their status for securing an internship no later than Opening Day of the MLB season.

What can I expect during the application timeline?

PBATS serves to collect the internship applications and then distributes the applicant pool information to each of the MLB organizations and their affiliates. The dates and durations of the intern positions are dictated by both student and organization need. Typically, this is negotiated between the parties during the interview process. Organizations then make their selections based on the best fit for their needs.

What is required for the application?

Please ensure that you have a resume and two letters of recommendation ready to upload. One letter should be from your program director or program’s clinical education coordinator, and the other should be from a supervisor who has overseen your clinical experiences, such as a preceptor or an athletic trainer you have shadowed in the past.

Is this an internship that offers compensation?

Frequently, people inquire about whether positions are paid or unpaid, and if housing and travel arrangements are provided. It is important to understand that the final decisions regarding these aspects are at the discretion of the individual organization.

How do I apply to multiple teams?

You will be asked to list your top 2 choices for MLB organizations you would like to apply to. Make a comment on your application listing the other teams you would like your application submitted to.

Applicants do not need to be concerned about confining their choices to the 30 Major League Baseball teams. The PBATS program is more comprehensive than that, featuring over 100 possible positions with participating teams in both the major and minor leagues. A list of minor league teams can be found at The list can even be organized by state for those unsure of which minor league teams are located in their vicinity.

Which team should I apply to?

There are many reasons why students apply to work with specific teams. Some helpful questions to ask yourself when deciding include:

  • Which MLB team is in your state?
  • Does your school already have a student agreement with an MLB organization?
  • Are there minor league affiliates close to you?
  • Have any of your program’s alumni previously worked with an MLB organization?

Tips and advice to prepare for the application?

  • Have your resume and letters of recommendation ready to upload to the application on the PBATS website.
  • Research the teams you are interested in applying to.
  • Treat the application process like a job interview.


PBATS’ goal is for all applicants (both those who ARE selected for an internship and those who are NOT selected) to be notified before April 1, 2024.

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