PBATS Announces 2023 Season Awards

PBATS Announces 2023 Season Awards

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NASHVILLE (Dec. 8, 2023) — The Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society is proud to announce that the athletic training staff of the Baltimore Orioles has been named the Athletic Training Staff of the Year for the 2023 season. This prestigious award recognizes the commitment and excellence of the team’s athletic training staff in providing top-notch care to the players.

Head athletic trainer, Brian Ebel, and assistant athletic trainers Mark Shires, Patrick Wesley, and Chris Poole have worked tirelessly throughout the season to ensure that the players can perform at their best. From preventative care and injury rehabilitation, to emergency response and guidance, the team has demonstrated a commitment to the health and well-being of every player under their care.

“We are honored to share that the Baltimore Orioles have been named the MLB athletic training staff of the year,” said PBATS President Ron Porterfield. “It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of their entire staff, who always put the needs of their players first. Brian is a great leader of the staff in Baltimore and we couldn’t be happier for him and his colleagues.”

In addition to their work with Orioles’ players, the athletic training staff is also heavily involved in community outreach and education. They have assisted in hosting seminars and community outreach events to educate coaches, parents, and young athletes on injury prevention and proper sports safety protocols.

About the honor, Orioles’ head athletic trainer Brian Ebel said, “We are extremely humbled by this honor. Of all the accolades that could come our way, one voted on by our peers in the industry means the world to me and the Orioles’ Athletic training staff.”

PBATS congratulates the Orioles athletic training staff on this well-deserved award, and the entire PBATS membership is grateful for their tireless efforts in keeping players healthy and performing at their best. Additionally, during the PBATS awards ceremony, President Ron Porterfield announced the following awards:

  • President’s Distinguished Service Awards: Steve Donohue, New York Yankees
  • Minor League Athletic Trainer of the Year: Nate Brooks, Oakland Athletics
  • PBATS Hall of Fame Inductees: Mark Letendre and Rick Griffin

About the awards, Porterfield said, “I’m happy to announce PBATS’ 2023 awards. From the Minor League to Major League awards, and of course the Hall of Fame inductees, we were able to honor an incredible group of past and present athletic trainers. We’re beyond thrilled to induct Mark Letendre and Rick Griffin into the PBATS Hall of Fame for the class of 2023 — an honor that they’re both so very deserving of. A huge congratulations to all of the winners.”

Porterfield added, “To win an award voted on by your peers is a true honor for any athletic trainer in the game of baseball. These talented individuals are the leaders in baseball athletic training and they should be extremely proud of their accomplishments and the future to come for many.”

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