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ATLANTA – The Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS), the Ruderman Family Foundation and the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) announced today that they will be partnering in an effort to promote disability inclusion.

The Ruderman Family Foundation and NDSS will be joining with PBATS in their groundbreaking “Ability Transcends Challenges” program (ATC) and Promoting a Lifetime of Activity for Youth campaign (PLAY) for ten on-field events at Major League Baseball stadiums this summer.

NDSS will be bringing young people with disabilities to these fully inclusive baseball clinics, sponsored in part by the Ruderman Family Foundation. At these events, young people with challenges will joining other children in completely inclusive on-field activities unlike any other program working with young people with disabilities in America.

PBATS, the Ruderman Family Foundation and NDSS believe people with disabilities have a huge role to play in American society. Using illustrations from baseball, PBATS works to demonstrate that people with disabilities can be a significant engine in the life of our country, if given the opportunity.

Mark O’Neal, President of PBATS – a society of Major and minor league athletic trainers – is thrilled about the partnership with both organizations and is happy that these special organizations will join PBATS this summer.

“We have an amazing platform – the game of baseball. Our Ability Transcends Challenges program is designed to educate the American people about the role that people with disabilities have played throughout baseball’s history, while speaking to the important lessons of inclusion. Our ultimate goal is to do nothing less than change America’s perception about the value of people with disabilities and we can make a true impact through our partnership with Jay Ruderman, the Ruderman Family Foundation and NDSS.” O’Neal said.

Jay Ruderman, President, the Ruderman Family Foundation said, “The Ruderman Family Foundation is focused on the rights of disabilities and inclusion of people with disabilities in our society. Unfortunately, many prevalent stigmas in our society prevent people with disabilities from achieving their full civil rights. We at the foundation feel that baseball is the American pastime which draws together Americans from all backgrounds. In fact, more Americans attend a baseball game than any other sport in America. It is our hope that the Play Campaign will help break down stigmas that will help lead to the full inclusion of people with disabilities in our society.”

The Ruderman Family Foundation will play an important role in this partnership by promoting these messages of inclusion to millions across the country. In addition, they will be funding the opportunity for NDSS to bring ten children with disabilities to a select number of PLAY events this summer to participate in a fully inclusive on-field, educational clinic.

Sara Hart Weir, President, NDSS said “NDSS, the leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome, is thrilled to be part of PLAY this season. Health is exercising your human right, and we are honored to team up with PLAY to create a more inclusive society across sports, our schools, the workforce and our communities.”

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