PBATS Releases 2015 Newsletter

PBATS Releases 2015 Newsletter

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The PBATS newsletter is an annual publication on behalf of the PBATS membership.  The mission of the PBATS Newsletter is to provide the members of PBATS and other healthcare providers with an insider’s view of the life and work of PBATS members, and facilitate the membership’s sharing of knowledge about the care and prevention of baseball related injuries.

The PBATS Newsletter is made possible through the courtesy of The Gatorade Company (www.gatorade.com). The Gatorade Sports Science Institute website can be accessed at www.GSSIweb.org.

Inside the 2015 Newsletter:

  • Appreciating the Asymmetrical Design of the Human Body in Athletics
  • Mr. 5,000 through Hard Work and Chances
  • The Power of a Plan
  • Hydration Strategies for Baseball Players
  • A Chance Opportunity with Lasting Impressions

Click here to see the 2015 Newsletter: PBATS Newsletter – Spring 2015 Edition

2015 Newsletter Team:

Editorial: Mark Vinson, Asst. ATC, Tampa Bay Rays

Advisor: Matt Lucero, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Texas Rangers

Advisor: Joseph Benge, Minor League Medical Coordinator, Tampa Bay Rays

Editor: Carrie McKiddy MA, ATC, FleishmanHillard

(312) 729-3643 carrie.mckiddy@fleishman.com