PBATS Newsletter: News & Notes

PBATS Newsletter: News & Notes

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2016 PBATS Hall of Fame Inductees: Larry Starr (L), Gene Monahan (C), and Ken Biggerstaff (R)


Major League Athletic Trainer 20 Year Service Award (from the left): Chris Poole (Assistant Athletic Trainer – Baltimore Orioles), PJ Mainville (Head Athletic Trainer – Chicago Cubs), Richie Bancells (Head Athletic Trainer – Baltimore Orioles), BRIAN EBEL (Assistant Athletic Trainer – Baltimore Orioles), Dave Walker (Minor League Medical Coordinator – Baltimore Orioles), Joe Benge (Minor League Medical Coordinator – Tampa Bay Rays), Jaime Reed (Senior Director of Medical Operations – Texas Rangers), Kevin Harmon (Head Athletic Trainer – Texas Rangers)

Major League Team Physician 20 Year Service Award (from the left): DR. MICHAEL CICCOTTI (Team Physician – Philadelphia Phillies), Scott Sheridan (Head Athletic Trainer – Philadelphia Phillies)

Major League Athletic Training Staff of the Year CLEVELAND INDIANS (from the left): Lonnie Soloff (Senior Director of Medical Services), Michael Salazar (Assistant Athletic Trainer), James Quinlan (Head Athletic Trainer), Jeff Desjardins (Assistant Athletic Trainer). Read more here.

Minor League Athletic Trainer of the Year (from the left): Shawn Facasni (Assistant Athletic Trainer – Philadelphia Phillies), TROY HOFFERT (GCL Phillies Athletic Trainer), Scott Sheridan (Head Athletic Trainer – Philadelphia Phillies), Joe Rauch (Minor League Medical and Rehab Coordinator – Philadelphia Phillies), Chris Mudd (Assistant Athletic Trainer – Philadelphia Phillies)