PBATS Honors Paul DeMartinis with Athletic Training Scholarship

PBATS Honors Paul DeMartinis with Athletic Training Scholarship

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ATLANTA (Oct. 3, 2016) – President Mark O’Neal of the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) today announced the first annual Paul DeMartinis Scholarship Program.

This scholarship was created by PBATS to honor the late Paul DeMartinis, a longtime friend of PBATS and a member of the baseball and sports medicine family. DeMartinis was the former Director of Sales and Marketing for Medco Sports Medicine and worked closely with PBATS members, becoming a loyal and trusted friend to all.

“I am still extremely saddened to know that the generations of athletic trainers to come will not get a chance to work with the great man that was Paul DeMartinis,” O’Neal said. “Paul was like family to more than just a few PBATS members. He wanted success for everyone he worked with, but even more than that, he wanted everyone to enjoy life. He fit in perfectly in baseball and was a pleasure to be around. PBATS members will forever miss him.”

The Paul DeMartinis Scholarship will be awarded to an athletic training student currently enrolled in a professional program, post-professional degree program or post-professional residency program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Athletic Training.

About the scholarship, Medco’s Brian Ross said, “Paul was one of those old time guys at the game who still kept his own scorecard. I think he’ll be up in heaven looking down and keeping score every year on who wins this scholarship and who will make an impact on the profession.”

The application process is currently open and all interested students can find more information and apply by filling out the application form at: http://pbats.wpengine.com/paul-demartinis-scholarship-program/.