PBATS Alumni Awarded Service Rings

PBATS Alumni Awarded Service Rings

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Pictured above: Front row, left to right – Larry Duensing, Larry Starr and John Adam. Second row, left to right – Jeff Cooper, Charlie Moss, Paul Spicuzza and Tony Garofalo. Back row – Neil Romano and Dave Tumbas

Baltimore, Md. — Today during the National Athletic Trainers Association’s annual meetings, held in Baltimore Maryland, the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society held a special luncheon for PBATS alumni and current members of PBATS from the Baltimore Orioles, former PBATS President Richie Bancells and Orioles’ assistant athletic trainer Brian Ebel.

The highlight of the luncheon was the distribution of PBATS service rings. PBATS current president Mark O’ Neal, Medical Director of the Chicago Cubs, awarded a select few PBATS alumni with the first-ever service rings.

When asked about the ring ceremony, O’Neal said, “These men are receiving their rings today as recognition of their long dedication and commitment to PBATS. They have left an outstanding legacy to all members of the PBATS family and have been hugely important in the establishment of PBATS as a leader in baseball and sports medicine.”

Among the PBATS alumni to receive service rings at the ceremony were Jeff Cooper and Larry Star, considered two of the best athletic trainers of all time, who are also NATA Hall of Famers. Both Larry and Jeff spoke about the pride they felt being a part of PBATS and how receiving their service ring is a cherished honor.

This sentiment was also echoed by the other ring recipients who included, Charlie Moss, a founder and the first president of PBATS, as well as Larry Duensing, John Adam, Paul Spicuzza, Tony Garofalo, Neil Romano and Dave Tumbas. 

Mark O’Neal also praised Mark Letendre and Larry Starr for their hard work on the alumni committee and their commitment to PBATS and each and every member of the society.