One-Day Charity Raises $38,286 for Cancer Research

One-Day Charity Raises $38,286 for Cancer Research

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Pictured above (L to R): Mark Stubblefield, Taylor Lewallen, Joe Rauch and David Frazer

PBATS today announced the 2017 One-Day Charity fundraiser has officially raised $38,286 in order to benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer.

The PBATS One-Day Charity is an annual fundraiser, coordinated and executed by the Minor League Medical Coordinators. In order to raise the money, each off-season the Minor League Medical Coordinators vote on a charitable organization for which they would like to raise money. When the organization has been chosen, Minor League Athletic Trainers contribute the equivalent of one day’s meal money during spring training to help support the cause.

Committee Chair Joe Rauch of the Philadelphia Phillies, led the fundraiser this year, along with invaluable committee members Mark Stubblefield (Umpires), Jon Kotredes (Washington Nationals) and Nate Brooks (Oakland Athletics). Prior to 2016, the One-Day Charity committee was led by Jeff Collins of the Oakland Athletics.

About the 2017 charity results, committee chair Joe Rauch said, “As committee chair, I would like to thank former chair Jeff Collins for how much he has done for the fundraiser. I would also like to thank everyone who made a donation to help make the fundraiser a huge success. We look forward to continuing the trend of making a larger donation every year to help organizations like the NPCF that do such amazing work.”

Rauch added, “cancer is something that has impacted a lot of people throughout the world and the NPCF is at the forefront of research to develop better treatments in order to save lives.  We are honored to be a part of their mission. PBATS and all Minor League Medical Coordinators hope that this donation can help make a positive impact on those in need.”

This year, the total donation reached an all-time high, surpassing all individual year donation totals. PBATS would like to specifically recognize the Oakland Athletics for their $8,000 donation to the cause, as well as Team Scotti for their $5,000 donation.

Since 2012, the fundraiser has now raised more than $100,000 in donations for multiple charitable organizations. In 2016, the charity raised $37,984 for the Miracle League. And in 2015, the group raised $30,202 to benefit Major League Baseball’s Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.). Funds have also been raised for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (2013) and the Wounded Warrior Project (2014).

PBATS would also like to thank Taylor Lewallen, Manager of Individual Giving for the NPCF, for her work and coordinator of this year’s fundraising. “We are proud to partner with the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society. The money raised from this event will fund research the find less toxic, more targeted pediatric cancer treatments. We’re so grateful that PBATS has joined us in this fight against pediatric cancer,” Lewallen said.

The PBATS One-Day Charity, although initially started as a way for Minor League Medical Coordinators to fundraise for organizations in need, is not limited to Minor League Athletic Trainers. PBATS hopes that contributions will increasingly come from all those interested in raising money for organizations in need, potentially including front office personnel, clubhouse staff members, coaches, players and corporate partnerships as well.