Los Angeles Angels – Medical Cross Checker

POSITION:    Medical Cross Checker


ORGANIZATION:       Angels Baseball

JOB STATUS:          Full Time

CONTACT PERSON(S):     Geoff Hostetter

METHOD OF CONTACT:             Geoff.Hostetter@Angels.com



To provide a complete, accurate, and qualified medical risk assessment and physical measurables overview on amateur prospects prior to the draft and international signing periods. To work diligently toward the goal of the Los Angeles Angels scouting department in its endeavor to become the most informed scouting department in baseball.

Requisite Skills:

  • ATC/CSCS certified.
  • A thorough understanding of computer word processing, email, internet, and Bloomberg applications.
  • An expert knowledge of the risk assessment scale used by the Los Angeles Angels medical staff.
  • Fiscal responsibility in regards to air travel, hotel, and rental car purchases.

Responsibilities, Duties and Tasks:

  • Collect measurable data ranging from height, weight, body fat, vertical jump, grip strength, run speed, etc. on domestic and international amateur players.
  • Conduct a comprehensive medical review on all targeted amateur draft prospects using the Los Angeles Angels medical risk evaluation scale.
  • In conjunction with the area scout, plan and organize regional workouts to collect physical measurables on domestic amateur players.
  • In conjunction with the Director of International Scouting, plan and organize workouts at the Los Angeles Angels Dominican Republic facility.
  • Work with quantitative analysis department to study predictive indicators in all collected data.
  • Report expenses in a timely, accurate, and precise manner. Do not let more than 30 days elapse before reporting your expenses.
  • Look after the equipment of the Los Angeles Angels.

Directly Reports to:       Assistant General Manager

Indirectly Reports to:     General Manager, Directors of Amateur/International Scouting