PBATS To Co-Host Conference with Japanese Athletic Trainers Organization (JATO)

PBATS To Co-Host Conference with Japanese Athletic Trainers Organization (JATO)

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The Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) is greatly honored to co-host, along with the Japanese Athletic Trainers Organization (JATO), the first Baseball Sports Medicine Conference of 2020.

The conference will take place in Tokyo on January 18th and 19th at the Tokyo Midtown Hall & Conference Hall. With more than 350 participants comprised of athletic trainers, medical doctors, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches and more, this conference is designed to further enhance medicine expertise at all levels of baseball around the world.

About the conference, PBATS President Ron Porterfield said, “it is my honor as PBATS’ President to co-chair the conference alongside Dr. Daisuke Uematsu, the distinguished President of both JATO and Function, Inc.”

Attending the conference will be a large group of highly experienced medical professionals who will come together from around the world to increase the understanding and needs for implementation of new and ever-improving standards of care for baseball athletes.

This conference will focus on the importance of various topics related to the care and treatment of baseball players and will cover issues such as development, research, injuries, treatments, player history, and documentation.

Throughout history, medical professionals have developed a vast array of innovative ideas, treatments, and research projects designed for the advancement of care for the players to whom they are responsible. This, in turn, has helped promote the game worldwide. This conference will allow us the opportunity to further understand and discuss some of the most important issues we currently face in baseball sports medicine, with colleagues from around the world, giving us the opportunity to hear about innovations available today and what is coming in the near future.

For more information about the Japan Athletic Trainers’ Organization conference, please visit: https://www.jato-trainer.org/baseballsportsmedicineconference/