Official Statement from World Federation of Athletic Training & Therapy

Official Statement from World Federation of Athletic Training & Therapy

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Below please find a letter (distribute on March 23, 2020) from the executive committee of the WFATT for your information. Please feel free to circulate widely.

World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy

On the behalf of the WFATT executive committee, I would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to those of you who have been affected by the COVID19 pandemic. Several of the 55,000+ ATT’s represented by our member organizations working with universities, athletic teams, private practice and public health institutions are faced with a totally unfamiliar and stressful situation that effects many of us on a professional and more importantly, personal level. The unfamiliar situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to be creative to ensure the best possible care for individuals under our care. It is times like these when networking weakens while professional friendships strengthen. It is these professional friendships that WFATT was built upon and it is these same relationships that will help our members endure. Sharing ideas, providing encouragement and keeping up to date on these ever evolving times domestically and internationally will only help us all face the challenge together and come out stronger and more resilient.

As I sit here, I am cognizant of the many athletic trainers and therapists whose livelihood has been significantly affected by the economic hardships brought about by the current pandemic. Others may be personally or indirectly affected by the COVID-19 virus. Regardless of the professional and personal ramifications we have experienced, te recent times have undoubtedly left us all us all with dealing with some level of anxiety with the uncertainty that lies ahead.

We, of course, have to be aware of those who are less fortunate. Those who are already immunocompromised and at greater risk, those who are homeless, and those who do not have the benefit of advanced health care systems.

As musculoskeletal specialists, it may seem that we cannot have an impact on this assault to the systemic system. There, however, is a lot we can do.

  • AT’s are qualified healthcare providers/professionals who are skilled working with patients that span the lifespan with injuries and conditions that occur not only in sport but also at work, home and life. Thus, we can be valued members of the healthcare team helping our friends, neighbors and community.
  • We can educate those in our circle of influence on the importance of complying with directions of our public health agencies.
  • Where possible, we can reach out to our family, friends and neighbors in need by:
    • offering child care,
    • helping with meal preparation,
    • doing grocery shopping or
    • simply sending them a note of appreciation.

It looks like we are in this for an extended period of time, but know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are all in this together. Our slogan “Get Connected – Stay Connected” has never been more significant. I invite you to connect on our social media via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Let’s talk, support, and learn from each other and strengthen our professional friendships. You can get all the links to our social media on our website at

All the best to each of you.