Alex Gordon Joins Royals PLAY event

Alex Gordon Joins Royals PLAY event

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By Marcus Officer | Fox4KC

Around 100 of the Kansas City Royals’ youngest fans could not hold back their excitement to workout and learn alongside some of their favorite players.

“This is a really special day for us because it gives us the opportunity to give back to the community. To teach kids about the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle, to keep them from having issues with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease,” Nick Kenney, Royals head athletic trainer, said.

The Royals’ annual PLAY clinic gave kids from the YMCA of Greater Kansas City and the Reviving Baseball in the Inner City Program the chance to not only tour a Major League Ballpark, but to learn healthy habits from team trainers and players, including All-Star outfielder Alex Gordon.

“It means a lot especially with what we are talking about today. Just about taking care of your body, being active, and doing things the right way.” Gordon said, “It’s huge. I really didn’t have that growing up the communication of what to take, what not to take.”

It’s a major message coming from these major leaguers that will hopefully make a lasting impact.

“All the baseball players here today have gone about their business the right way and taken care of their bodies so we’re trying to interact with these kids. Have a good time but at the same time teach them a few things that will help them down the road,” Gordon said.

“You’ve got a guy like Alex Gordon who is a four-time gold glover, multiple all-star, showing you that it’s all about and they see this guy each and every day.” Kenney said, “We all had mentors, we all had people that were very special to us that maybe said or did something to us that had touched us so if we can make a difference for one or two hopefully all of these kids then it is well worth it.”

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