PBATS Announces 2021 Minor League Award Winners

PBATS Announces 2021 Minor League Award Winners

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ATLANTA (Oct. 18, 2021) – President Ron Porterfield of the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) today announced the winners of the Minor League Athletic Trainers of the Year Awards for the 2021 baseball season.

Historically, these awards were given annually to one member of each of the 16 leagues in Minor League Baseball, as well as one award for the Dominican Summer League. An additional award was given to the Minor League Coordinator of the Year.

In 2021, due to changes in structure at the Minor League Baseball level, PBATS will be presenting 15 awards.

“I’m thrilled to announce PBATS’ 2021 Minor League Athletic Trainers of the Year,” Porterfield said. “This amazing group of athletic trainers have had such a huge impact on their organizations, at every level, and will continue to do so for years to come. To win an award voted on by your peers is an amazing accomplishment for any athletic trainer in any sport. These talented professionals should be extremely proud of their awards and excited about their careers going forward.”

“I also want to recognize the efforts of Frank Neville of the Milwaukee Brewers, who leads the PBATS committee which oversees the voting process for the Minor League Baseball athletic training awards. Their efforts never go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated,” added Porterfield.

All 15 winners are now eligible for the prestigious Minor League Athletic Trainer of the Year award voted upon by the full membership of PBATS.

That award will be given at the 2021 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings in Orlando, Florida later this year.

Here are the 2021 winners:

  • Coordinator: Corey Tremble (Detroit Tigers)
  • AAA East: Caleb Daniel (Toronto Blue Jays)
  • AAA West: Carlos Olivas (Texas Rangers)
  • AA Central: Chris Whitman (St. Louis Cardinals)
  • AA Northeast: Scott Gallon (Boston Red Sox)
  • AA South: Dan Leja (Atlanta Braves)
  • High A Central: Danny Accola (Kansas City Royals)
  • High A East: Victor Silva (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • High A West: Damon Reel (Arizona Diamondbacks)
  • Low A East: Kirby Craft (Washington Nationals)
  • Low A Southeast: Wade Hebrink (Cincinnati Reds)
  • Low A West: Nick Faciana (Los Angeles Angels)
  • Arizona Complex League: Mickey Clarizo (Colorado Rockies)
  • Florida Complex League: Asja Morello (Minnesota Twins)
  • Dominican Summer League: Derrik Diaz (Cleveland Indians)

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