International Medical Coordinator

Detroit Tigers

International Medical Coordinator

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Position: International Medical Coordinator

Org: Detroit Tigers

Department: Player Development

Job Status: Full-time

Location: Lakeland, FL

Method of Contact:

Position Description

The International Medical Coordinator will be considered the main line of medical communication and direction from the Detroit Tigers Sports Medicine Department (Minor League Medical Coordinator) to the Detroit Tigers International Operations, including, but not limited to, our Dominican Academy, Latin American Scouting, Pacific Rim Scouting, etc.  The primary role of the position will be to oversee the day-to-day medical operations of the Dominican Academy, while also serving as a critical member of the medical staff to our Florida Complex League Affiliate.  It is ideal for the International Medical Coordinator to administer direction to the medical/strength and conditioning personnel at our international academies, as well as our Florida Complex League Affiliate.


  1. Medical Coverage and Policy Implementation for Detroit Tigers players and staff throughout the calendar year as required by the organization.
    1. Including, but not limited to: Spring Training, Minor League Championship Season, Extended Spring Training, Fall Instructional League, Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Programs, Minor League Rehabilitation, Off-Season Player Communications
    2. Pre-Game, Game, Post-Game, During Team Travel, During Scheduled Off-Days, any other time the Organization deems necessary
    3. Coordination, assistance, and transportation for physician appointments, surgery appointments, pre-participation examinations, and/or any other health related appointment deemed necessary by the Team Physician or Organization
    4. Assistance with scheduling and completing Entry and Exit Examinations on all players and staff
    5. Supervision of the medical staff/strength and conditioning staff of the Dominican Republic Academy, and Florida Complex League Affiliates
  2. Administration
    1. Medical documentation for all players and staff utilizing the Major League Baseball Electronic Medical Records System and any other platform for documentation as deemed necessary by the Organization
    2. Pre-participation exam review of all international amateur signs.
    3. Maintain close communication with Latin America Scouting department in regard to, but not limited to international amateur players’ medical review status
    4. Assisting with the Player Development Contract as deemed necessary by the Organization for the level and affiliate
    5. Front Office requirements such as, but not limited to, assistance with drug testing, tobacco secession, player wellness, player contracts, player movement records, insurance, player/staff per diem, Workman’s Compensation
  3. Residence
    1. The Organization may require the certified athletic trainer to relocate to Lakeland, FL/its surrounding communities.