Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer

Seattle Mariners

Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer

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Job Title: Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer

Department: Baseball Operations

Reports To: Assistant General Manager / Major League Head Athletic Trainer

Status: Full Time

Primary Objective: Facilitate and manage all medical and player care programs for our Major League club

Essential Functions:

  • Evaluate, design and implement protocols for use in athletic training and treatment at the Major League level.
  • Work closely with our Performance Staff on player conditioning and injury prevention programs.
  • Assist daily communication and reporting for all Major League players.
  • Prevent, evaluate, and treat athletic injuries.
  • Keep all required injury and treatment records.
  • Assist Head Athletic Trainer communications with team physicians and other medical personnel as needed.
  • Assist with Major League Physical Therapist on rehab protocols and daily treatments
  • Help coordinate off-season programs and contact for each player at season’s end.
  • Assist Head Athletic Trainer w/ entrance, exit and spring training physicals as needed.
  • Oversee inventory and budgeting to ensure supplies are available and program needs are being met.
  • Facilitate professional development and continued learning on both personal and staff levels.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine or related field.
  • Current and valid ATC certification and licenses.
  • Relevant experience in a professional baseball setting

Competencies, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s):

  • Must be a committed professional with a strong analytic focus.
  • Ability to relate to athletes and generate program buy-in.
  • Shall demonstrate the ability to be proactive, innovative and adaptive in promoting new ideas and concepts.
  • Shall possess strong decision-making ability, including knowing when to make a unilateral decision and when to consult with the team or superiors.
  • Shall incorporate strategic thinking, formulate and prioritize objectives, and implement plans consistent with the player and team’s interests.
  • Exemplifies a collaborative approach in dealing with management, team members, and vendors.
  • Must possess excellent communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Must also be clear, organized, persuasive and inclusive.
  • Acts in a manner that is fair and ethical.
  • Must possess computer proficiency with email, MS Word and Excel.
  • Familiarity with MLB’s electronic medical records system.

Physical Activities and Working Conditions:

  • Maximum lifting of up to 100 pounds. Frequent lifting and carrying of objects. Typically standing and walking for the majority of the day.

Qualified and Interested candidates can apply with the following link: