Minor League Rehab Coordinator

Pittsburgh Pirates

Minor League Rehab Coordinator

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Job Title: Minor League Rehab Coordinator

Department: Baseball Operations

Classification: Full Time


  • To ensure the physical health and wellness of athletes while optimizing on-field performance through injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Drive a player-centered culture that establishes the trust of and maintains an open-door policy with all players and staff.
  • Contribute to promoting a growth mindset and an environment for continued learning for athletes, coaches and staff members within Sports Medicine and Sports Performance.


Primary: Clinical Evaluation/Diagnosis

  • a. Accurate diagnosis of physical impairments/limitations for acute, sub-acute, chronic and post-operative cases.
  • b. Ability to refer to team physicians and/or external medical professionals when additional information is needed to determine appropriate plans of care or if an injury is within the PT scope of practice.
  • c. Develop prognoses for return to competition based on examination findings.
  • d. Highly skilled in body movements evaluation specific to baseball athletes.
  • e. Collaborates with additional skill set experts (MD’s, ATC’s, S&C, Mental Skills) to ensure a holistic assessment.


  • a. Oversee all long-term rehab care for Player Development including but not limited to:
    • i. Develop rehab treatment plans with re-evaluation as necessary to modify treatment plans when appropriate.
    • ii. Communication with team physicians or external medical professionals for medical consult.
    • iii. Scheduling MD exams, diagnostic imaging, DME consultations/fitting.
    • iv. Return to Play progressions/calendars in collaboration with coaching staff, medical staff and S&C staff. b. Collaboration with ATC/S&C staff at the affiliates in-season to develop short term rehab plans for athletes with acute to sub-acute injuries that do not require long term I.L. designation.
  • c. Collaboration with major league sports medicine staff on rehab plans when 40-man roster athletes are performing rehab at Pirate City.


  • a. Collaborates with sports medicine / sports performance staff to develop preparation and recovery programs to optimize performance while minimizing risk for overuse injuries.
  • b. Collaborates with players/performance staff on key metrics to assess daily readiness.
  • c. Assists in developing and implementing athlete assessments in Spring Training and during the season.
  • d. Oversees and adheres to health & safety measures of cleanliness of the training room and performance center.
  • e. Ability to critically think and problem solve as part of a team to address player performance needs.

Organization & Administration

  • a. Communicates routinely with coordinators within sports medicine, sports performance, nutrition and mental performance on rehab player progress.
  • b. Communicates routinely with coordinators within on-field staff and player development leadership to optimize rehab progressions by incorporating on-field performance goals into the rehab process.
  • c. Maintains EMR records according to the MLB minimum standards.
  • d. Maintains Return to Play calendars for each rehab athlete.
  • e. Reinforces a player-centered culture daily in the athletic training room and performance center.
  • f. Collaborates with the director of sports medicine and medical services coordinator to manage documentation for Worker’s Compensation claims as necessary.
  • g. Collaborate with the ATC coordinator for equipment/supply needs for the training room at Pirate City.

Professional Responsibility

  • a. Maintains professional licenses and CEU’s to ensure a growth mindset in the fields of sports medicine, rehab & baseball.



  1. Doctor of Physical Therapy or Master’s in Physical Therapy with at least 3 years of post-graduate practice
  2. Ability to obtain a Florida Physical Therapy License upon hiring.
  3. Ability to relocate to Bradenton Florida upon hiring.
  4. OCS/SCS certification or completed Sports/Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency.


  1. PT/ATC dual certification
  2. Prior experience treating patients in collegiate sports, professional sports, or active duty military
  3. Proficient in Spanish
  4. CSCS certification

NOTE: All candidates must apply through this link: https://www.appone.com/MainInfoReq.asp?R_ID=3342652.