Minor League Athletic Trainer (Dominican Republic)

San Diego Padres

Minor League Athletic Trainer (Dominican Republic)

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TITLE: Minor League Athletic Trainer – Dominican Republic

DEPARTMENT: Player Development

REPORTS TO: Minor League Athletic Training Coordinator


STATUS: Full-time, exempt

We are looking for a committed, full time minor league athletic trainer to be assigned to our Academy in the Dominican Republic. You will work within a team of medical professionals, strength coaches, and on-field coaching staffs to coordinate the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of professional baseball players. The ideal candidate will be team focused, open minded, driven, of good character, and demonstrate positive teammate qualities.


Medical Duties:

  • Consult and collaborate with other members of the Padres medical, strength, and coaching staffs
  • Prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and management of athletic injuries
  • Identify and meet the goals and needs of our players through a wholistic and total body approach
  • Develop individualized, player centered care plans, baseball progressions, and throwing progressions
  • Administration duties of the training room
  • Timely, effective, and concise communication of injuries and illnesses with the Minor League Athletic Training Coordinator, other members of the medical and strength staff, and members of the coaching staff as well as front office staff
  • Implement health and performance screening
  • Provide quality, personalized, and evidence-based care with best available interventions
  • Be able to provide mental/psychological support throughout the rehabilitation process
  • Provide emergency aid (basic wound care, BLS/CPR/AED) when necessary
  • Promote and provide an example of a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and wellness
  • Promote, facilitate, and be an example of lifelong learning, critical thinking, and creativity in your practice
  • Demonstrate an eagerness to learn from peers within the organization and to execute organizational evaluation techniques, treatment and therapeutic exercise principles
  • Follow professional guidelines, laws, and standards set by Professional, Federal, and State Licensing board
  • Organize and maintain a professional training room:
    • Availability to players and staff to render treatment and assistance prior to daily schedule
    • Maintain a clean and safe training room
    • Organize and inventory medical supplies and rehabilitation equipment
    • Maintain professional dress code and behavior during work and travel
    • Adhere to OSHA & MLB medical facility/training room rules and policies
  • Be aware of Emergency Action Plan with Affiliate and Local EMS

Administrative Duties:

  • Maintain player and staff electronic medical records and hard files
    • Daily documentation of objective findings, treatments, doctor appointments, correspondence from doctors, diagnostic testing, and any other relevant medical information pertaining to individual
  • Update and maintain accurate daily injury/maintenance reports that will be sent daily to appropriate medical and front office staff
  • Establish and maintain rapport with local and organizational team physicians
  • Establish network with other healthcare professionals in rehabilitation and sports medicine
  • Provide leadership and education for all members of the medical and performance staff
  • Coordinate local physicals (entry and exit) and doctor appointments

JOB REQUIREMENTS – Must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Current NATA BOC Certification/ Athletic Training Licensure
  • Demonstrate the ability to work within a team approach to player health
  • Strong evaluation skills
  • Strong manual therapy skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Available to work 10+ hours per day, typically 6 days a week
  • Valid passport
  • Ability to obtain a work visa in the Dominican Republic
  • Ability to relocate to the Academy in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic during the season and offseason training periods
  • Have a positive professional image and demeanor

Physical requirements as per that of an orthopedic/sports, manual physical therapist including, but not limited to:

  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to provide manual intervention and resistive exercise to professional baseball players
  • Ability to demonstrate complex movement patterns and exercises
  • Ability to throw/play catch
  • Ability to transfer and lift patients independently


  • Experience working as an athletic trainer with collegiate and/or professional baseball players
  • Desired continuing education coursework: SFMA, PRI, DNS, ART
  • General baseball knowledge and exposure to professional and/or baseball culture
  • Strong desire to model and influence positive, winning clubhouse culture
  • Bilingual English and Spanish is preferred and strongly recommended

The San Diego Padres are an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Paul Porter – pporter@padres.com. No Resumes will be accepted after 3/1/2022