Assistant Director of Medical Services

Miami Marlins

Assistant Director of Medical Services

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POSITION: Assistant Director of Medical Services

REPORTS TO: General Manager/Director of Medical Services


GENERAL PURPOSE: To manage and administrate all aspects of the Medical Department including Major and Minor Leagues


  • Work in concert with Director and supervise all operations of the Major League Medical Department
  • Direct preventative, rehab and strength programs with 40-man Roster players
  • Medical Risk Assessments on Major League trades and free agents
  • Medical Risk Assessments on Amateur Draft and Minor League free agents
  • Oversee Injury Management of 40-man Major League Players
  • Assist Director in Hiring and retention of all Medical personnel
  • Assist Director in Selection and vet all Team Physicians and consultants at the Major and Minor League level
  • Responsible for developing a Medical budget for the Major League medical department and managing all categories to stay within the budget at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Assist Director of Medical Services of an Injury Analytic program to look at Marlin Major and Minor League trends relative to other Major League Organizations.
  • Development of an Injury Prevention Program that could be implemented throughout the organization.


  • Provide direction and supervision for:
    • Head Major League Athletic Trainer
    • Head Major League Strength Coach
    • Major League Physical Therapist
  • This would include providing Job Descriptions for all of above
  • Responsible for doing annual or semi-annual performance review.


Knowledge, Skill and Ability:

  • A comprehensive and detailed knowledge of orthopedics and sports medicine related to professional baseball players
  • Ability to do creative and innovative research that have practical application to the selection and de-selection of professional baseball players
  • Knowledge of the budgetary process
  • Knowledge, skill and experience of managing clinical personnel
  • Self motivator that works independently
  • Ability to work at an equal level from a knowledge standpoint with physicians
  • Experience in Baseball Research and Injury Analytics


  • Athletic Training Certificate (Required/Preferred)
  • Physical Therapy License (Preferred)
  • Doctorate level degree in Physical Therapy (Preferred)
  • Post Graduate Continuing Education Course specific to Baseball Medicine 


  • 10-15 years of Major League Baseball Medical Experience
  • Previous management of the medical department at the Major League level
  • Hands-on experience in the treatment and evaluation of professional baseball players
  • Demonstration of experience in research and risk analysis of baseball injuries.
  • Management experience in the operations of a medical facility and professional baseball training room
  • Previous history of hiring and retention of employees and staff

Previous history of developing and controlling the budget of a department or clinic.