Head Athletic Trainer

Miami Marlins

Head Athletic Trainer

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POSITION: Head Athletic Trainer

REPORTS TO: Director of Medical Services/General Manager/Major League Manager



Evaluation and direct treatment of the major league players with injuries.  To oversee, administrate and manage the major league medical staff.  The Head Athletic Trainer principal function is to oversee, evaluate, and treat players at the Major League Level and the 40-man Roster.


  • Evaluate and triage all injuries and illness at the major league level
  • Develop specific treatment plans for injured major league players including prognosis
  • Communicate with the Team Physicians regarding treatment plans and coverage of home games
  • Communicate with General Manager and Major League Manager on daily playing status of all players.
  • Develop rehab assignment progression on Major League IL players
  • Arrange and assure all medical appointments for Major League Players
  • Prepare and complete necessary paperwork required by MLB on injured and DL players
  • Document and maintain patient records through the EMR System
  • Oversee Worker’s Comp claims and paperwork for MLB players and staff.
  • Assist the Director of Medical Services in the hiring and retention of athletic trainers for the MLB level.
  • Organize and manage Major Spring Training
  • Develop and implement Education programs for ATC’s and Strength Coaches
  • Administrate and manage ordering of equipment and supplies for the major leagues while staying within a prescribed budget
  • Assure that all necessary supplies are available for travel to other cities
  • Procure local physicians for coverage on the road.
  • Develop MLB level budget and expenses.


  • Provide direction and supervision for Major League Athletic Trainers and Strength Coaches.
  • Oversee the Education Program with special emphasis on Spring Training and the Off-Season.


Knowledge, Skill and Ability:

  • Work well with others for the good of the medical team and Marlins Organization
  • Leadership
  • Knowledge of the game of Baseball
  • Knowledge of Baseball Injuries
  • Ability to do high level physical exams of injured players
  • Communication and people skills especially to the Manager, Coach and Front Office.
  • Excellent Work Ethic
  • Ability to work independently
  • Willingness to learn
  • Work well with others for the good of the medical team and Marlins Organization


  • Athletic Training Certificate/License and/or Physical Therapy Degree/License
  • Expertise in Baseball Sports Medicine
  • Continuing Education courses that demonstrate level of post graduate education.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and consistently with Front Office, Physicians and staff


  • 5-10 years experience in Baseball Medicine
  • 10 years of hands-on patient treatment
  •  Management and Administrative experience
  • Administrative experience in overseeing a department including hiring/retention of staff and budgetary experience.