Latin American Medical Director

San Francisco Giants

Latin American Medical Director

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Direct Report: Minor League Medical Director / Minor League Medical Coordinator


  • Bachelor’s degree in sports medicine field required, Master’s degree preferred
  • Current NATA BOC Certification and CPR/AED Certification required
  • Minimum 5 years experience in professional baseball
  • Position based in Dominican Republic 10 months out of the year
  • Eligible for licensure in the state of Arizona
  • Bilingual – Spanish

Job Description:

  • Direct DSL athletic training staff regarding injury management and rehabilitation/treatment interventions based on current research and standards of care.
  • Oversee athletic training services and sports medicine care for all in-season DSL players and staff as well as domestic players/staff during spring training or as assigned.
  • Understand and implement a holistic approach to injury prevention and injury rehabilitation as outlined by the medical staff leadership group.
  • Direct medical coverage during all DSL baseball activity.
  • Direct travel logistics to and from the Dominican Republic pertaining to medical related issues (diagnostics, labs, physician exams, etc).
  • Direct medical appointments within the DSL and J2 (diagnostics, labs, physician exams, etc).
  • Communicate with the medical coordinators on injury management process.
  • Communicate between Giants team physicians/outside specialists and DSL Giants on-field personnel and J2 players.
  • Communicate with DSL coaching staff on player’s most updated medical/game status.
  • Communicate and collaborate with Strength and Conditioning/PT/Nutrition/Education/Sports Science staff to implement preventative and rehabilitative protocols.
  • Oversee and ensure accurate and timely documentation in the EMR of all information regarding the health of DSL Giants on-field personnel as outlined in the basic minimum standards established by MLB.
  • Oversee and ensure accurate and timely documentation of all J2 players medical information.
  • Travel to Arizona with J2 players for diagnostic imaging and doctors appointments.
  • Manage and develop J2 programs from medical evaluations and S&C.
  • Oversee budget, inventory and supply ordering for DR Complex.
  • Establish and maintain an environment supportive of ALL medical staff members.
  • Embody professional values in line with organizational standards.
  • Participate in off-season camps and medical staff development opportunities as needed or assigned by San Francisco Giants Medical Staff.
  • Required to work out of the San Francisco Giants DR Academy 3 weeks/month during DSL Spring Training, DSL Season, J2 Camps, or other DR based camps for a total of 10 months out of the year.

Please send cover letter, resume, and references to Dustin Luepker & Ryo Watanabe