Certified Athletic Trainer Dominican Republic

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Certified Athletic Trainer Dominican Republic

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Job Title: Full Time Certified Athletic Trainer Dominican Republic

Department: Medical Department

Reports To: Latin American Medical Coordinator, Director of Player health.

Location: Dominican Republic

Position Summary: Full time ATC responsible for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

Essential Functions:

  • Develop accurate diagnosis and prognosis of players’ acute and chronic injuries/illness.
  • Ability to work in conjunction and under guidance of Latin America Medical Coordinator
  • Ability to refer to appropriate medical personnel including team MD and other medical providers
  • Evaluate and treat athletic injuries and general medical conditions
  • Create and implement rehabilitation and return to sport activity programs
  • Communicate with doctors, athletic trainers, players, and front office regarding rehab status updates

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Eligible for Arizona ATC Licensure
  • NATA Certification/BOC Certified
  • CPR and AED certified

Education & Experience Guidelines:

  • Bilingual – English/Spanish strongly recommended
  • Understanding of Injury and Baseball Analytics
  • Baseball experience is a plus.  Ability to throw with a player is a plus
  • Professional Sports experience is a plus

Interested and Qualified Candidates should send resume to: ronp@ladodgers.com

Resumes and CV’s will be collected thru Nov. 15th.  Interviews will occur after that date.