Assistant Medical Coordinator: Rehab

Toronto Blue Jays

Assistant Medical Coordinator: Rehab

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Job Description:

  • Key decision making role alongside the Medical Coordinator, Head Physician, ML Head ATC, in recommending medical decisions (non-40 man), process changes and developments to the GM, President, Director of Player Development, and VP of High Performance
  • Majority of the role bandwidth dedicated to the design, implementation, and delivery of return-to-play programs (hands-on care)
  • Lead role for rehab group and for key communication and updates on rehab players to High Performance, Player Development, and Front Office staff (medical coordinator will be this for 40 man and ML rehabs)
  • Collaborate with relevant HP/PD staff on return-to-play development and implementation
  • Share professional development initiatives for ATC’s and medical team with Medical Coordinator and Assistant Medical Coordinator
  • Share mentorship duties in the PT fellowship program with other faculty
  • Involvement in sport science initiatives


  • Licensed PT with minimum 5 years’ experience (required)
  • Prior professional baseball experience (required)
  • Licensed ATC (recommended)
  • Spanish speaking (recommended)
  • Other recommended qualifications include SCS or OCS, CSCS, manual therapy background

Contact Information:

Contact Patrick Chasse for more information.


Phone: 860-690-1424